Kamoer Aquarium Dosing Pump KSP-03


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KSP-F03 is a three-channel master control unit, which can control up to 15 channels with the addition of slave KSP-F04 unit

The control panel (with a fully waterproof design) has a blue LCD backlit display control panel providing a simple, clear and intuitive, user interface. When the instrument is turned off, the clock settings and the user setting are saved.

The pump provides three dosing channels which can be easily be extended to 7, 11, or 15 channels. Use of PharMed BPT hose as the pump tube, provides the pump tube with a continuous working life up to 2000 hours. Use of high torque, long life and quiet motors, with a life expectancy of 800 hours. The pump shell is constructed with automotive instrument-level high-strength self-lubricating plastic POM.

Three dosing modes: Auto Dose, Custom Dose and Manual Dose, and now the option to set days of the week for dosing.

Auto Dose – the user enters the total daily dose (max 2,999ml) and the number of doses per day (max 24), and the instrument automatically calculates an equal dose for each dose period. It also has an added feature that allows the user to set a delay time period for each pump, which prevents the next pump from dosing within the time period set – thus preventing the possibility of chemical interference of the supplements with each other.

Custom Dose – Allows the user to specify dosing times and volume of each dose (max number of doses is 10, max dosing volume is 9,999ml). Custom dose supports additions at the same time (Up to 3 channels).

Manual Dose – Allows the user to manually dose.

Individual calibration for each channel ensuring dosing accuracy.

Single AC/DC adapter. Power is distributed to KSP-F04 units via the supplied interface cable with KSP-F04.


The above 4 combinations will only require 1 power supply i.e. the Master KSP-F03 distributes power to the slave KSP-F04 units.



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