water treatment

water treatment

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  • Fauna Marin ELEMENTS CA/SR 1L

    Always keep product closed after use. Store dark at room temperature.

    Product intended for aquarium use only!
    Keep away from children! Do not swallow!
    Not suitable for consumption or pet food.
    In case of skin or eye contact, rinse with plenty of water.

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  • Fauna Marin DINO X 250ML


    • Dino X is NOT a treatment for cyano bacteria.
    • When used correctly, Dino X is harmless to inverts and fish.
    • Dino X should always be dosed in the evening or 1 hour AFTER main lighting has shut off.
      Photosynthesis of Zooanthellae algae is discontinued, ultimately allowing for optimal effect of Dino X Main lighting phase should be no longer than 6 hours daily.
    • Set skimmer to skim wet and run 24/7.
    • Water parameters can be adjusted with Balling Light or lime water. These do not affect Dino X performance.
    • Pre-mixed Ca, Alk, Mg, solutions should be used with caution as these often contain additional trace elements.
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  • Fauna Marin Balling LIGHT SET

    Balling Light Set

    Quick and easy controlling and readjusting of doses of the most important water parameters!

    Ready for immediate use

    The whole starter set contains the essential components in order to provide the corals with macro minerals and trace elements and is gratuitously extensible with all other reefkeeping systems. The Fauna Marin Balling Light starter set is furthermore suitable for beginners since it allows them, in an almost playful manner, to adjust and stabilize the important water parameters, in your aquarium.


    Universally applicable

    The Balling Light method serves as an uncomplicated and modern method in order to supply the aquarium with calcium, magnesium, alkalinity and all essential trace elements.

    Dosage of the Balling Light Solutions ca.:

    • ALK/KH 10ml/100 L   + 0,5 dkH
    • CA 10 ml/100 L:          + 18 mg / L
    • MG 10 ml/100 L          + 5 mg / L



    • Complete Balling-Light Start Set with free access to Aquacalculator (Windows-Version! No iOS!)
    • Ideal and comprehensive supply-based system; dosing based on the actual consumption of YOUR aquarium
    • Compatible with all types of filtration methods such as the Fauna Marin Zeolight System
    • Contains high-purity special salts and perfect balance of micro and trace element mixtures for the perfect reef aquarium
    • Quality controlled by Fauna Marin Seawater Research Lab scientists
    • Promotes stable water parameters for healthy coral growth and long term aquarium stability



    • 1 x 2 kg Calcium Mix Art.Nr. 14230
    • 1 x 2 kg Magnesium Mix Art Nr. 14215
    • 1 x 1 kg Carbonate Mix Art. Nr 14225
    • 1 x 250 ml Balling Trace 1 Metallic Color & Grow Effect Art Nr. 14005
    • 1 x 250 ml Balling Trace 2 Metallic Metabolic Color Effect Art Nr. 14010
    • 1 x 250 ml Balling Trace 3 Metallic Health Fluorescent Effect Art Nr. 14015
    • 3 x 5.0 Liter Canister w/ tubing connection
    • 3 x Connecting hoses (4/6mm)
    • 3 x Labels for marking canisters and dosing pump
    • 1 x ID CODE for free access the Aquacalculator tool from www.aquacalculator.com (Windows-Version! No iOS!)
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  • Fauna Marin BACTO REEF BALLS


    • Crystal clear & healthy water, nutritioncontrol and easy reduction of ammonia, nitrite, nitrate and phosphates.
    • Cleans up organic waste and unwanted detritus, raises up skimming, reduces fi lter maintenance and eliminates unwanted bacteria and algeas.
    • Easy dosing – with the unique and long lasting depot effect.


    Millions of live natural marine bacteria in depotballs for marine aquaria.
    Bacto Reef Balls 100ml contains ca 110 spheres, each ca. 1cm average diameter.


    2 Reef Balls / 100 Liters (26,4 US Gal) / every 2 weeks directly in your filter. Avoid that balls soak into pumps.

    Reef Balls are made from a biodegradable polymer. Variations in size and rates are normal.


    For use in Reefaquaria only, not meant for human consumption. Keep out of reach of children and animals. Wash your hands after use.

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    All necessary organic nutrients and organically-bound trace elements for the maximazation of growth, coloration, and polyp extensions of your corals.

    Extra-power for corals – by organics!

    ULTRA Organic paves the way towards a more beautiful reef tank by feeding inhabitants organic food.

    When combined with UltraMinS, your corals are be supplied with all the necessary organic nutrients and organically-bound trace elements for maximizing growth, coloration, and polyp extension. Ultra Organic contains carefully selected trace elements and essential organic nutrients which provide your coral with energy and important raw materials necessary for consistent coral growth. Continuous dosing will result in improved polyp extension, stronger coloration, and faster coral growth. Supercharge your results Combine with Ultra Min S for exceptional results.

    The combination of Ultra Organic and Ultra Min S provide your corals with essential organic nutrients and organically-bound nutrients to maximize growth, color, and polyp extension.

    Ultra Organic is suitable for all corals, anemones, and filter feeders in the aquarium.

    Dosage recommendation 
    As a standalone product: 1 ml per 100 L (26 gal) per day

    With Ultra Min S: 0.5 ml per 100 L (26 gal) per day

    Organic carbon compounds, potassium compounds, boric acid, lithium, iron, molybdenum, zinc, nickel, chromium, cobalt, copper, vanadium

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    Fauna Marin Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate Balling Salt

    • The supplementation of macro and micro trace elements is vital for the guaranteed stability of reef tanks
    • This leads to enhanced coral growth and vitality, and overall a better aquarium
    • Fauna Marin provides this product for the easy supplementation of Calcium that is vital within a reef aquarium
    • Fauna Marin sticks to its principles: best results obtained by purest chemicals
    • Purest Balling Salts for the supplementation of Calcium in reef aquariums as an alternative to (or in conjunction with) a Calcium Reactor.

    High-purity chemicals
    The necessity of supplementing depleted minerals and micronutrients (trace elements) to reef tanks is due to enhanced growth rates of corals and marine algae in reef tanks, thus its importance is not to be underestimated.
    FAUNA MARIN provides a complete product line for the easy supplementation of calcium, magnesium, carbonates, as well as essential trace elements. FAUNA MARIN sticks to its principles: best results obtained by purest chemicals.
    Purest salts for the supplementation of calcium and magnesium in reef tanks as a practical alternative or in assistance to the Calcium reactor.
    1. Calcium chloride dihydrate
    2. Magnesium chloride hexahydrate
    3. Magnesium sulfate heptahydrate
    4. Sodium bicarbonate

    Mixing Instructions:

    • Dissolve 2.0 kg Fauna Marin Magnesium Chloride hexahydrate mixture into 4 liters of osmosis water and then fill the 5 L canister with RO water.
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    Fauna Marin Balling Light method consists of

    • Calcium Chloride-dihydrate
    • Magnesium Chloride-hexahydrate
    • Sodium Bicarbonate

    We recommend maintaining a Alkalinity value between 6.5 – 8 dkH.
    Test regularly with the highly accurate Fauna Marin dkH test kit.

    Calculating dosage amount 
    When starting with your first dose, we recommend a baseline dose of 1ml per 3-4 gallons.
    You can also calculate the recommended dosage for your tank by using the Aquacalculator. This handy tool can be downloaded at www.aquacalculator.com.
    It will provide you with a dosage calculation based on your current tank volume and current tank parameters.
    Aqua Calculator is the only online tool which provides accurate dosage recommendations based on the original Balling-Light recipe.

    Other calculators provide dosage recommendations based on the classic recipe which is different and therefore incorrect for this system.

    Recommended dosing schedule 
    The more often you dose, the more stable your parameters can become. For that reason we recommend you calculate your daily dose and split it into multiple doses throughout the day. For automated dosing, we recommend the GHL Doser 2.1 which is an ideal dosing unit for this method.

    Additional information 
    If you feel that you need additional trace elements, please use Fauna Marin Color Elements. With these elements, you can intensify coral coloration and stimulate growth.

    Mixing Instructions 
    Dissolve 500 g of Sodium Bicarbonate mixture into 4 L of RO water and then fill the 5 L canister with osmosis water.
    Then add: 25 ml of Ultra Trace B Health Elements (3) – Iodine/flour complex to the canister. Shake well.

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